Labeling Devices FAQ

Which typeface is best suited for which printout?

All the facts from a labeling device Test and comparisons of different types of writing tape materials make sense, depending on the substrate being used and where the labeling is applied. Waterproof and UV-resistant materials, e.g. paper, plastic, or nylon are suitable for outdoor use.

The same applies to the marking of chilled and frozen goods. For CDs, books, DVDs, and office supplies and stationery, thermal paper or plastic is sufficient. In general, plastic is clearly and distinctly punched, very scratch-resistant, and robust. The writing tape should always be self-adhesive.

What accessories are available?

Since many labeling devices can be connected to a computer for testing and comparison purposes, and thus extended software can also be used, a USB cable is important, which is usually included. A power supply unit is also part of the accessories, as well as scrolls made of different materials and batteries if the model needs to be powered. For further information visit vierauszehn beschriftungsgeräte test

A useful accessory is a carrying bag or a carrying case. Some manufacturers offer the device with the accessories in a carrying case. There are also special label cassettes for the writing tapes.

How much do labeling devices cost in retail stores?

How durable is a labeling device? Test winner in continuous use. Prices between 20 and 200 euros are common. The price depends on the type of labeling device and its functions. Modern devices are already available with touch screens and special functions. Others are ergonomically designed and particularly easy to handle.

Which printing process is suitable for labeling devices?

Most models in the test and comparison work with the thermal direct or thermal transfer printing process. This offers a resolution adapted to the size of the print output to ensure clean and clear printing. With inexpensive and simply constructed labeling devices in the test and comparison, single and double cell printing may also be possible. Better, however, is the labeling in desired word length.

Which marking device is better – the mechanical or the electrical one?

The test conclusion to the best products from the category inscription device both models have their advantages and disadvantages in the test and comparison. The mechanical model needs no current, is robust and very flexibly applicable, in handling however somewhat more cumbersome, since only individual letters can be spent and adjusted.

The electrical inscription device in test and comparison offers extended functions, connection to a PC, and data storage. The costs are higher, the model requires batteries.

What are the benefits of labeling objects and papers?

Labeling enables a better order and overview. Sealed cartons and containers can be stored well, and labeling provides precise information about the contents. In the case of papers or file folders, labeling is intended to mark the text, to be able to sort it better, to assign it more precisely, and to categorize it.

How are font sizes specified in the labeling device?

The most common setting is between S, M, L, and XL or the typical font size arrangement in the known font size.

Which equipment determines the typeface better?

How long is the warranty for a labeling device test winner many labeling devices offer a selection of font sizes, fonts, text styles, frames, clipart images, and symbols? For this purpose, label and background colors can be defined in the test, and comparison or color coding can make organization easier.

What formatting is possible with a labeling device?

The text can be formatted excellently and clearly on an easy-to-read display. The typeface can be selected in normal, bold, underlined, or italic font or as straight, squiggly, wavy, or framed text. Vertical or horizontal printing of the word arrangement is also possible in test and comparison.

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