For a company like pharma, cosmetics, etc. there will a department called Chemical laboratory; it is a lab where all the testing gets done. Many of the formulae for medicines, fertilizers, etc. are get prepared there. People working there have to maintain some special care because they are dealing with very harsh chemicals. They all have a unique dress code while working. Services offered by the chemical laboratory are business interactions, contract research, consultancy, technical assistance.

Business interactions mean getting the projects from other companies, after which both companies interact with each other. It develops the business of both companies. Contract research involves business, ambitious R & D objectives with clearly defined outputs, resulting in a product, process, tactic knowledge, and generation of intellectual properties. Every company works based on a contract basis. A contract gives assurance for every project, and it acts as a barrier between both the companies.

The deal involves both the positives and negatives which means if the project got success, then the profit sharing will be clearly mentioned in that contract, or if we didn’t get the required profits, then the company that handled the project must bear the loss. So while signing the contract, everyone should pay full attention. If not, the entire company may ruin.

Consultancy means professional advice rendered to the client based on the knowledge base available in the institution. This consultancy is also helpful for the clients to know about the company. Inventing new formula is not a small thing. It will take a lot of attempts to get a method.

It should only give positive results. While creating modern medicine, we should not be allowed to test directly on humans. Firstly we need to check on animals like rats, monkeys, etc. if they do not get any effects, then the very less amount of dose will be tested for humans.

Technical services include testing & analysis using the specialized facilities available. Testing means how the invented formula is working and the results. If they are offering any errors, then they will modify it and corrects the chemical formula. Then after again, they will test the chemical and checks the result. Analysis means the procedure that involves the manufacturing of a compound or a medicine. In other words, the study suggests a detailed examination of the formula or medication that we invented.

This analysis process is an essential process that gives the expected results. It includes assessing their affinity and specifications, molecular structure characterizing, and efficiency testing. They also check what will produce if it gets mixed with water, liquid material, and a note about the results that are going to create when combined with other materials.

Short term R&D projects are for meeting new market needs and Lizard Labs follow the same approach. It will check how they will get into the market and hoe that will impact the people. If it gives the positives impacts, it provides more profits for the company. If it allows for adverse effects, it leads to the ruin of that entire industry.