Top 4 Tips to Sharpen Used & Dull Drill Bits

Perhaps you have attempted to drill something lately and Noticed that your bits are not cutting just like they had to? Maybe a number of one’s bits are therefore bad, you can not undergo timber or soft metals without creating a plume of smoke and well-heeled squeaks. Before you go up to the hardware store to buy a brand-new box of drill bits, test this very easy technique initially and spare yourself a great deal of time and income!

Therefore without further ado, Here Is What you will Want:


  1. A dull or cracked drill piece
  2. A seat grinder belt sander

WARNING! Your palms will likely soon probably be quite near your Sharpening apparatus, and dangerously risk with losing a few skins. Usually do not wear gloves since they may get trapped into the sharpening apparatus and also pull one into. Be cautious and deliberate on where you position your self on the sharpening apparatus. And also you should probably wear gloves too. In case if you don’t own any drill sharpener and planning to buy one then this article at will help you choose best based on your needs.

Tip 1: Know You’re Drill Bit

There are many attributes in a drill bit that Can be described. For rate sake, we’re just concerned about 3 primary features on the piece: the eyebrow, soil, and chisel.

The”lip” is that which does the real cutting. Both lips on the turning drill need to be symmetric when an equivalent cutting will still to be achieved while still drilling. If a lip is more preferred while sharpening, it is going to end up larger than another and the majority of the cutting is going to be carried out using a single side of this piece. That is awful as it generates non-straight holes.

The”property” or”landing” will be What follows the eyebrow and also certainly can encourage the sharp border whilst the piece is cutting off the edge. The landing has to be tilted in a fashion that it leaves clearance involving your area you’re working to drill and the lipgloss. But an excessive amount of angle subtracts support out of the lip, also certainly may create the little to processor more frequently, particularly on the corners.

Tip 2: Understand Exactly why Drills Processor and Dull

To be able for you to Learn the way to Higher sharpen Your piece, you ought to be aware of why you are doing so.

Chipped bits are due because the landing Induce supporting them cant encourage the forces exerted through the drilling performance. Therefore ensure your landing has a more curved contour for it. Curved contours add aid to the lip gloss.

Dull bits are generated when the chisel is Having difficulty latching the material into the lip and has to be redefined onto the surface of the bit. Or, that the lip is rolling and has to become re-sharpened therefore it pushes into the workpiece.

Tip 3: Educate Your Bit

Run a file over some burrs that bay is around the shank of the drill bit. If such a thing should happen to fail, and also the little should happen to slide in your palms, you’ll not need these nasty burrs cutting to skin.

Tip 4: Choose Your Sharpening Tool

The bench grinder or even a belt sander is going to Work with sharpening bits. Just ensure the guards either one of these simple machines will be significantly less than 1/8″ from the wheel or belt for your piece will not get trapped between your protector!

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