What is the Tipobet365 deposit and withdrawal method?

One of the most popular and most desired brands is Tipobet365, which has been among the top in the betting sector with the quality service it provides its consumers since 2008.Apart from serving numerous nations online, tipo365, which operates internationally and provides professional betting services, has more than 250 betting offices in various countries.The company, which allows millions of people to wager on its website and has a trendy design and a sophisticated interface, has all the necessary permits to place bets. Tipobet365, a European Union-registered firm, is the first betting site we can recommend to you as a trustworthy company.

Furthermore, you can receive bonuses while continuously betting owing to the promos they give. The organization favors it because it is prepared in Turkish and provides 24/7 assistance to consumers who want to bet from Turkey.

Withdrawal / Deposit Options tipo365, which has a significant variety of deposit alternatives and continues to develop in this area, provides convenience to its consumers by integrating the most commonly used deposit methods into their websites.Although almost all betting sites deposits are instant and free, you can see all the details about a transaction by hovering your mouse over the method you want to use on the deposit screen, which has a beautiful design.

In terms of depositing money, we can state that this is the disadvantage of the  betting site, which does not accept credit or debit cards.Even though the period for depositing money to your international betting sites accounts with credit cards has passed, many customers still prefer to do so.The following are the limits to be aware of when making these transactions on Tipobet365, which accepts various deposit and withdrawal methods.

Methods of Deposit:

  • Minimum 200 TL, maximum 2.000 TL with credit card
  • Exceptionally Quick Transfer: 1000 TL minimum, 10.000 TL maximum
  • Paypal is quick: 1000 TL minimum, 25.000 TL maximum.
  • Minimum 50 TL, maximum 20,000 TL through bank transfer
  • Minimum 50 TL, maximum 20,000 TL with Jet Instant PayPal
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer): Minimum 100 TL, maximum 50.000 TL
  • CepBank: 50 TL minimum, 1000 TL maximum
  • Minimum 50 TL, maximum 1000 TL for an instant QR code
  • Minimum 50 TL, maximum 1000 TL alternative remittance
  • CepBank alternative: Minimum 50 TL, maximum 1000 TL
  • CepBank Quick: 50 TL minimum, 1000 TL maximum

Methods of Withdrawal

Betting sites, which previously only allowed bank transfer as a withdrawal, has expanded its alternatives to stay up with the latest trend among overseas betting sites.

Each method has upper and lower restrictions, and because these limits might change at any time, we recommend that you check the limits and withdrawal time from the relevant screen before withdrawing money from betting sities.

The following are the withdrawal methods:

  • Bank EFT / Wire Transfer: 5 Minutes in your account
  • Bank Transfer: 5 Minutes in your account
  • ATM Transfer: 15 Minutes in your account
  • Super-Fast Transfer: 5 Minutes on your account
  • Jeton Wallet: 5 Minutes in your account
  • Bitcoin: 5 Minutes in your account

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