Why Indian loves cricket more than any other game?

Cricket: It is maybe one of the very famous and much-loved games for most of the country. All it’s call an emotional yes all game joint with emotional but this game is too much attached with emotions. Many teams play cricket like Australia, India, Bangladesh, Sri-lanka, South-Africa, England, West-Indies, Afghanistan, etc. So it is simple that cricket gets loved more by people.

There are three formats the 20 over the game,50 over the game, and the Test match which is played 5 days. So as per the record cricket player get too many amounts for playing cricket so in this game there will be a bright future for you if you are playing well as well as very interested in this game, so now come to our topic why Indians show their love about cricket too much? The answer is very simple in India every child starts playing their first game as a cricket so it is much loved one game.

As a kid or youngster some great talent made in India for cricket only. Also, many players want to represent India at the International level but some may get a chance because of the large population in India. Also, India plays every format of cricket very well in India as well as outside of India so it is a good chance for the player who has the best talent.

Also, BCCI manages one tournament IPL which is called India premier League for Indian youngsters promotion. Also, it is a good platform or you can say it is the best chance for youngsters who can show their inner talent towards the Cricket. In IPL there is only 20 over the game so it is too much exciting part for Audience. Many teams played against all teams 2 times so it is an interesting part.

In IPL outside the Indian players are also welcomed for play so in-Short it is a big platform for every player. Also, some cricketers have an inspiration for many youngsters like Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, you knew about him because he called the God of the cricket. They came from a small area and with his cricket talent they made their name as well as of his family as well as make the country proud.

So many players start cricket because of his inspirational story. Also, take a second inspirational Person who is Mahendra Sinh Dhoni who called a captain cool. Also, he is coming from a small town and played cricket very well it is the first player who won all Icc trophies as a Captian so it is a big achievement for any player also for their country. So these are the reasons why the public of India loves cricket.

Let’s talk about some critical situation in India which is Cricket batting it is banned in India but some people doing that so it is a very bad thing for any people because one thing it is banned also second thing in this bad habit many youngsters lost their money at very small age so it is a bad future affect for them.

These things are majorly done while IPL is running because for someone it is a goal set of their life for someone it is entertainment for the rest of others it is a batting or gambling purpose. So please make a distance with that. But expect this point it is a very demanding sport in which people can make their future bright with money name and also respect. So if you are interested in cricket and you are belonging to India then you can get more benefits in your cricket carrier.

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